Paul Silvestri MS, ATC, LAT, Director of Sports Health, University of Florida Football

“It was an honor to have Mike Ryan come speak to our Gator football team about “Taking Care of Your Mind and Body”. His years of experience in the NFL, and with other elite athletes, allowed him to deliver a powerful message that was well received by our student athletes. We look forward to continuing to work with Mike as we strive to help our athletes succeed on the field and in life.”

First Coast Worksite Wellness Council

“Mike’s presentation on “Taking Ownership of your Body and Mind” was a huge hit with the attendees of our annual worksite wellness conference. Mike’s expertise is evident as he draws from his professional, athletic and personal experiences to connect with the audience and communicate a clear and compelling message. Mike is truly a pleasure to work with and his positivity is contagious. His charismatic speaking style, enthusiasm and expertise make him a top-notch speaker.”

Dr. Jim Andrews
Andrews Institute
Washington Commanders

“Mike Ryan is a devoted and true professional in the sports medicine world. He is unique and well qualified in sports medicine with dual degrees as a Certified Athletic Trainer and as a Registered Physical Therapist. He has not only distinguished himself as a highly-skilled rehabilitator of professional athletes but over the many years of our friendship, he and I have shared a deep passion about the prevention of injuries in sports at all levels, particularly the weekend athlete and in our very vulnerable young athletes.”

Leadership Executive and mother with serious athletic ambitions

“Having coach Mike as a resource when I was facing a meniscus tear repair was awesome!! I consider myself an “average joe” who tries to stay in shape. He knew exactly what I was going to experience, reviewed my MRI, post op report and customized my strengthening and conditioning. Because of Mike’s recommendations my focused effort expedited my recovery! Even my surgeon was surprised at how quickly I recovered and was able to regain my full range of motion and strength!

Most importantly – Mike is easy to relate to, humble, unassuming, and a consummate professional – he makes you feel like you can conquer the world if you follow his plan!”

Keith Brantly
Former Olympic Marathoner Un. of Florida Athletic Hall of Famer

“As an Olympian, I surrounded myself with a team of trusted advisors to help me maintain my highest level of performance. Now as a Coach, when I need a physical therapist I rely on Mike Ryan to keep my elite athletes performing at the top of their games. Mike helps my athletes to heal quickly. Afterwards, he provides them solid strength and flexibility programs which help them stay healthy while performing at a very high level.”

Chad Bohling
Director of Mental Conditioning, New York Yankees & Dallas Cowboys

“Since getting to know Mike Ryan 17 years ago during my work with the Jacksonville Jaguars, I have always admired his dedication and professionalism towards everyone he meets. His positive attitude, healthy approach, and passion towards the art of helping others are outstanding! Whether it’s a professional athlete, a staff member or someone needing a compassionate friend, Mike Ryan truly cares about the well being of all.”

Kevin Kaplan
MD, Head Team Physician Jacksonville Jaguars

“I have had the privilege and honor of working with Mike Ryan for five years on the Jacksonville Jaguars medical staff. Mike is by far and away superior to any athletic trainer and therapist that I have ever worked with. His knowledge, physical abilities, communication skills, adaptability, management skills and willingness to continue to learn and teach are characteristics that set him apart amongst his peers. I have enjoyed my time working with and learning from him as a team physician in keeping our players healthy and on the field. He is truly the best and will be missed in the NFL.”

Michelle PhD.
College Professor

“Mike Ryan is a phenomenal speaker! He shares his own life experiences to encourage and motivate others to pursue their passion and dreams. Mike was a catalyst for helping my students to choose a career path that aligns with their long-term goals.”

Barbara Pinson Lash
Celebrity Media Coach

“Mike Ryan is more than a professional speaker & broadcaster who is great at conveying his messages clearly and concisely. He’s also a thoughtful communicator who always has his target audience in mind, tailoring messages and interactions to keep them engaged and informed.”

Paul Posluszny
Former 11 yr NFL linebacker

“Mike Ryan superbly combines his outstanding physical therapy expertise with his thoughtful and highly effective communication style. No one can quickly and correctly diagnose, treat, and bring calming reassurance to an elite athlete like Mike Ryan can.”

Jason McMillen, DPT
Regional Director KBRwyle – USSOCOM

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Mike Ryan work with elite athletes in the NFL and the displeasure of racing him on a military obstacle course. In both cases, Mike’s sports medicine expertise and his genuine passion to live a meaningful life are unmistakable.”

Executive Vice President

“We engaged Mike Ryan for his “Healthy Huddle Lunch & Learns” and to say that he delivered would be an understatement. Mike shared the ‘why’ of committing to a healthy lifestyle, delivered actionable tips to improve our fitness, and had our entire group out of their seats putting his healthy tricks into practice. Drawing on his 26 yrs of working with elite athletes in the NFL, I applaud Mike and I’m thankful that his new professional mission is focused on positively impacting our community at-large.”

Stacy B.
High School Head Track and XC Coach

“I’ve known Mike Ryan for 27 years. As the Head Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist for the Jax Jaguars, he took excellent care of my husband. He went above and beyond to manage injuries and provide preventive therapy for his longevity. Mike also worked with our kids- providing therapy for a back fracture, ankle surgery, and knee issues. As a Head Track & Cross-Country Coach, I continue to send injured athletes to Mike. His level of knowledge, attention to detail, and follow-up for these high school athletes is the same outstanding care he provided to his NFL athletes.”

Ryan T.
Division 1 tennis player

“Mike Ryan has been instrumental in helping me recover from injuries and learning to understand my body. His sports medicine knowledge is unparalleled, and above all, he understands the needs of injured athletes. Mike has fought for me and been by my side through the most uncertain of times during my recoveries from three complex injuries. For any athlete, that’s so important.”

Bob Sefcik, MS, LAT, ATC
Executive Director – Jacksonville Sports Medicine Program

“I have often called on Mike Ryan to serve as a workshop presenter, Keynote Speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. His credibility and enthusiastic way of engaging an audience is second to none. Mike can connect with a medical and non-medical audience: a true professional in every role.”

Carey O.

“Mike Ryan is an amazing sports medicine physical therapist in Jacksonville Florida who understands elite athletes and knows exactly what to do to get them healed and back on the track. My son was preparing to run the 800 meter race in the Florida state championship meet with a pulled hamstring he injured the week before the big race. Mike made time in his busy schedule to treat him the same day we called and set up a day-by-day treatment plan for my son to follow. He even dropped off special tape that we could not find at a store. I am happy to say that Mike not only healed my son for the race but gave him the mental confidence to compete at his best. The impact of Mike’s sports medicine skills: My son came in 4th in the state and ran a PR!”

Doug Casa, PhD, ATC
Chief Executive Officer, Korey Stringer Institute

“As part of my role in this position I have interacted with Mike Ryan for numerous reasons. First, I hired Mike Ryan as the Master of Ceremony for our last two Awards Galas. His incredible enthusiasm and unmatched positive attitude created the exact vibe that we wanted for the events. Mike was a true professional while creating a wonderful rapport with the audience. His diverse background and skillsets made him the perfect host. Mike shared fun and relatable stories as he kept our event on-schedule and entertaining for everyone in the room.

Second, Mike is a leading authority in sports medicine and in his role as a reporter for NBC Sports we have worked on many stories together that aired during NFL games and during the Tokyo Olympics.

Third, I worked with Mike for nearly 20 years while he was the head athletic trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars and I was able to offer assistance related to my expertise in heat and hydration issues for the physically active.”

Beth B.

“As a 59 yo very active female I experience the normal aches and pains of aging. When my right shoulder started aching, I was petrified it required surgery. I contacted Mike Ryan because of his outstanding reputation, similar age and active lifestyle. His professionalism, knowledge and understanding of my injury resulted in the exact therapy I needed to heal. I’m now back to unlimited workouts thanks to Mike’s accurate diagnosis and awesome therapy techniques!”

Bob L.

“Our 18-year-old son Adam is a highly competitive tennis who suffered a significant injury which brought us to Mike about a year ago. Mike corrected the rotator cuff muscle tear as well as a few other chronic upper extremity tennis injuries. Thanks to Mike’s care, Adam will be playing for a top Division 2 team this fall!”

Avery P.
Division 1 soccer player

“Mike Ryan led me back from two complicated injuries; both physically and mentally. He’s highly skilled in his care while being both patient and motivating. Mike had my entire body and mind ready to return to Division I soccer at the right time. There’s no way I’d be where I am now in my college athletic career without Mike Ryan.”

Rob C.
High School Head XC Coach and Track Coach

“As a track and cross country coach, keeping my athletes healthy is vital. Many of my runners have benefitted from Mike Ryan’s physical therapy knowledge and skills to return to the sport quickly and, more importantly, safely. Mike’s exceptional PT and communication skills have earned the trust of my runners and their parents. And his in-depth “Healthy Running” lectures he presents every year to our athletes and parents shows how much he truly goes beyond to keep our athletes safe.”

Don Davey
Former 9 year NFL veteran and 10-time Ironman triathlete

“I have had the good fortune of having Mike Ryan as my go-to guy for all things medical for almost 20 years. His vast knowledge of training techniques, sports medicine and nutrition is unsurpassed. But what truly sets Mike apart is his willingness to invest whole heartedly in his athlete’s outcomes.”

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