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What the Hell is a Shoulder Labral Tear?

What the Hell is a Shoulder Labral Tear? Understanding A Shoulder Labral Tear Shoulder glenoid labrum injuries are common in sports that require repetitive overhead movements and physical contact. The shoulder enjoys more range of motion than any other joint in the human body. Unfortunately, it also consists of a very shallow ball socket joint…

How to Thaw a Frozen Shoulder

Older athletes are more prone to suffer from the frozen shoulder syndrome, also referred to as adhesive capsulitis. Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects the shoulder joint capsule; a fibrous covering of the synovial lining of the shoulder joint. When the capsule becomes inflamed, it results in pain and significant stiffness of the joint. Due to these symptoms, the athlete quickly demonstrates a characteristic limitation in the range of motion of the shoulder.

What is a Long Head Bicep Rupture?

Proximal biceps brachii tendon ruptures (bicep rupture) are more common than most would assume. High intensity athletes, especially in contact sports, are prone to this injury. This injury is commonly linked to high force weight lifting activities with determined athletes trying to get to the top of their game. Learn more about a bicep rupture!

Shoulder Therapy Made Easy

Shoulder Therapy Made Easy If you are experiencing general shoulder pain and want to work out the kinks and reduce your shoulder soreness, this article is for you. Rather than address any one specific injury or diagnosis, I’m excited to share my general philosophy for shoulder treatment along with exercises that may save you thousands…

AC Joint Separation Management

AC Joint Separation Management Acromioclavicular (AC) joints are easily injured and susceptible to secondary issues such as arthritis, laxity, and shoulder pain.  Often referred to as a “separated shoulder,” an AC separation occurs when the ligaments that stabilize the collar bone (clavicle) and the shoulder blade (scapula) are damaged. The acromioclavicular joint connects the lateral…

Foam Rolling For Dummies By Mike Ryan

If You’re Active, You Need To Be A Roller!

When used properly, foam rollers and roller balls keep your muscles loose and your joint limber in less than 10 minutes per day. Using a form of self-myofascial massage therapy, foam rollers are trusted tools used by elite and professional athletes to unlock tight muscles and relax painful joints.

Get the full-color, step-by-step guide to get fit, prevent injury and end pain using your foam roller.

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