Everyone of us is looking for the “perfect workout”.  It’s the workout that gets us in awesome shape while burning pounds of fat and makes our muscles get huge and it’s really fun and, oh yah, it doesn’t take too long because we’ve got a busy schedule.

How difficult can that be?

THAT’s the problem.  Our busy lives of instant downloads and Drive-thru meals has gotten many of us into the mindset that the perfect workout actually exists.  Too many individuals let their fitness and health suffer because of this “paralysis by analysis” process as they delay exercising searching for something that doesn’t exist.

Demolition Man

A few years my wife and I decided to have our master bathroom completely remodeled.  In an effort to save $2,000, I opted to do the demolition work by ripping out everything in the room.  My mission was simple: Remove everything in the room and leave only bare concrete on the floor and the support beams in the walls.

Besides the grunt work with a sledgehammer and jack hammer to remove tile and the shower, my biggest obstacle was the oversized jacuzzi bathtub.  I spent 3 days devised a detailed plan to remove the bathroom doors, support the big tub on 3 rolling dollies and strategically transport the 300 lbs tub through my master bedroom/living room/front door to the driveway.  It was a huge challenge but I had the perfect plan to conquer this engineering feat.

The day before I was planning on implementing my master plan, I was talking to a contractor friend of mine.  I told him about my plan and he laughed at me.  He simply said: “You’re over-thinking it, dude.  Just whack it with a sledgehammer!”

The Lesson

I went home that night, picked up my trusty sledgehammer and “just whacked it”.  The tub broke into about 10 pieces and I simply carried the pieces to the dumpster!

I had over thought the process so much that I failed to look for a simple solution.  It made me think: How many of us do the exact same thing by over-thinking our fitness plan and in the process, get nothing done?

The Plan

I often reflect back on my bath tub issue when I talk to people looking for that perfect workout or perfect diet or perfect body.  The best advice I give them is to stop stressing the process and to get started by doing SOMETHING.  Gaining momentum by creating a puddle of sweat under them and “breaking the seal” by getting their body moving is often the most difficult yet the most beneficial step to improve one’s health.

The truth is there is no perfect workout nor is there a perfect diet.  Your body is alway changing and you have a significant influence on that change with what you put into your body and what you force your body to do.

When you understand that and you get started by improving your level of exercise and eating better, your body will improve it’s health.  Health is a process not a destination.

Take Home Points

Unicorns Don’t Exist – Stop looking for the “perfect” workout or diet because they don’t exist.  The search only paralyzes your progress.

Trust in Reliable Resources – Find people who are doing what you want to do and ask them to educate you.  Avoid know-it-alls who want to give you advice that they themselves don’t utilize.  Learn from those who are presently where you want to be.

Just Whack It – Keep fitness simple by focussing on moving.  It doesn’t really matter the form of locomotion, be it walking, biking, dancing, swimming,…etc..  Start by just do something by moving for as long as you can every day.  It may sound too basic but we all know it’s a plan that works.

Tighten Up Your Diet – Less fat, more protein and less simple carbs (sweets) will always enhance your health.  It’s that simple.

Hydrate the Right Way – Drinking much less soda and juices while drinking more water is the goal.  Your body is made up of about 60% water and 0% soda.  Replace the sweat you’re losing with what your body needs not what your mind wants.

Consistently is Key – The more often you exercise and eat right the better the results.  Fad diets and sporadic workouts only discourage you.  Being consistent will result in a lifestyle change which will give you the body and mind you dream about.